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Rainy Summer Days

Ahhhh…sometimes a rainy day is a wonderful thing.  It’s a great excuse to take a “me” day and spend some quality time at home with nothing to do.  I picture myself staying in bed, watching a tear-jerker on Lifetime and then spending a few hours … Continue reading

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My Husband’s Meltdown

Ok, so my husband comes home from work today and it is immediately evident that he is “in a mood”.  It’s one of those moods that would elicit the all to familiar “Do you have PMS?” should he have been on … Continue reading

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Blogging is harder than I thought!

Ok, so I made the decision today to start my new blog.  I’m very excited about it but after spending an hour or more flipping through all of the different links, menus, categories and Widgets here on my “Dashboard” I feel even … Continue reading

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Hello world!

So here I am!  I have decided to enter the world of blogging.  I used to hear women talk about how they had “lost themselves” or that they ” weren’t sure who they were anymore”.  It all sounded like a bunch … Continue reading

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