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The Unattended Toddler

  She is on a Quest 2B Her!   Something happened over the past few months.  I can’t really pinpoint the day it began but I can tell you that something definitely happened…     My sweet, adorable, angel-faced baby girl has become a…TODDLER!  … Continue reading

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They are full of it!

   We drove by a church today with a marquise in front that read:  “Change diapers and politicians often…                                                              and for the same reason.”  I thought this was funny on so many levels and  just had to share.    … Continue reading

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Bedroom Battles

Ok moms and dads, I need your input.  Normally I post my witty thoughts, insightful self discoveries or crazy experiences with the family, but today I am looking for a little help from all of the experienced parents out there. … Continue reading

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Football Widow or Family Bonding?

     When I met my husband, over 13 years ago, I quickly learned that football was a part of his life and, in order for our relationship to survive the months of August through January, I needed to learn to embrace the … Continue reading

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The Quest continues…

         I have always tried to live my life being open to meeting new people & living new experiences.  Recently I was presented with an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up and it all started with this blog!       I … Continue reading

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Crazy Bones, Mighty Beanz and Silly Bandz – Oh My!

        If you have children, you know what I am talking about here.  The Silly Bandz craze began last spring, before the school year ended.  If you were under the age of 12, you weren’t “cool” unless you had at least a dozen or … Continue reading

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The Art of Juggling and Dropping Balls

     Practice makes perfect or so they say.  Well, I have practiced the art of juggling for years now and don’t know that I am getting any better at it.       Actually, instead of getting better, I seem to be getting worse.  … Continue reading

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Team Sierra Leone

       Some of you may remember my recent post discussing random acts of kindness.  Well, I have some friends that go way above and beyond in the RAK department.  He is one of the founders of The Healing Hands Foundation (THHF), a … Continue reading

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