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Child Abuse or Parenting Genius?

“Hey kids, there’s been an announcement. Today has been declared Parent Appreciation Day which means that the kids have to make dinner for their parents tonight.” Continue reading

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A Yummy New Recipe

In my Quest 2B Me, I am trying to do a better job of preparing meals for the family.  I have always done a pretty good job of that, until this summer.  We had such a fun-filled summer of fun … Continue reading

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A day with my daughter

Over the weekend, my husband took our sons to an all day Cub Scouting event which meant that my daughter and I were going to have a “girl day”!  I was really looking forward to it. It may sound strange but … Continue reading

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We’re Bored!

School is closed today, for teacher’s meetings, and I am already slipping into insanity.  It is 8:45 in the morning and the five children here with me (my 3, plus 2 others) have already run out of things to do, … Continue reading

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A Mother’s 10 Commandments

I was feeling a little stressed this morning and decided I could use a little mom comedy.  So, I thought I would share it with you, my faithful readers (translation – those of you that just have nothing better to do for the moment!).  … Continue reading

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What a week!

I celebrated my 35th birthday last week and wow, did we celebrate.  I spent several days with my mom friends enjoying a girl’s night out dinner, a shopping trip followed by lunch and then a Friday morning brunch.  We laughed, ate, talked, ate, had … Continue reading

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