Football Widow or Family Bonding?

Ohio State vs. IU (October 3, 2009)

Image by Indiana Public Media via Flickr

     When I met my husband, over 13 years ago, I quickly learned that football was a part of his life and, in order for our relationship to survive the months of August through January, I needed to learn to embrace the sport myself.  So I learned the rules, the lingo and the names of the teams.  I even joined his fantasy football league.  I actually found myself having a little fun with it all, although I don’t think I will ever love the sport as much as he does.

     He is a graduate of The Ohio State University and bleeds scarlet and grey.  His car is red with grey interior, our house is grey with red shutters and our children were able to sing the OSU fight song before they could sing their ABCs…you get the idea.   He would never miss an OSU game! 

     Then there is the NFL.  Holy cow…the NFL.  It all begins in August with the drafting of the fantasy football teams and the setting up of the pick’em leagues.   We, of course, get the NFL package through our satellite company so that we never miss one of the games.  Thank goodness for that!  (insert rolling-eyes smilie here)

     I used to be incredibly frustrated with the fact that our weekends seemed to be dominated by which ever football game might be on at any given moment.  Then several things happened,  the first being Tivo.  This fantastic gadget was a life saver.  We could record games and then watch them at our convenience and in fast-forward.  All of a sudden a 3+ hour game was over in an hour and a half!

     The second thing that happened was that our boys started to get a little older and began enjoying the sport as much as their father.   The boys collect football cards and show their dad the latest “good ones” they have gotten.  They will sit and talk with him about teams, player’s stats and who has the best shot at winning this Sunday.  After church on Sunday, everyone dons their appropriate football t-shirt or jersey and gathers around the tv to cheer on their fantasy players or favorite team.  Then, at half-time, all three of my guys will wander out to the yard to toss around the football themselves, running plays and talking strategy.

     Do I enjoy the sport of football?   Well, sort of.  I love the football parties and the social part of being a spectator.  I share a fantasy football team with my son and have a pick’em team in the family Pick-4-Fun league.  I have also occasionally been spotted wearing a football jersey and cheering on my team.  While all of this is fun, I don’t think I would do any of it if it weren’t for the men in my life.

     I decided many years ago that I could either be a football widow or I could join in on the “fun”.  What I have found over the years is that it can be a great tool for family bonding.  Anything that gets us all in the same room at the same time, enjoying each others company can’t be a bad thing, right?   And don’t forget, there are always the Super Bowl commercials to look forward to each year.

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11 Responses to Football Widow or Family Bonding?

  1. Lori says:

    LOL! I too am a football widow and learned long ago that I could either join in or not be part of one of my husband’s great loves. Sooo, I do not like football, but I do enjoy football pools. I wonder if my husband would ever want to learn one of my great loves just to be part of one of my hobbies.. hmmmm?? I also play a mean game of blackjack and poker. Forge ahead!

  2. I completely understand! I am somewhere in between though. I like football, but hubby likes to watch it….long. I can only take a part of one game. We set him up 2 man caves, (garage & shed) both have a TV, and I enjoy peace & quiet in the house watching my DVR’d Oprah shows. But yes, especially if you have a house full of boys (girls here) I can see a lot of bonding going on!

    • jenkline75 says:

      My husband has a mancave but rarely spends any time in it…I need to figure out how to encourage him to spend more time there. Either that or create a woman cave for myself. I love my dvr’d Oprah shows!

  3. Laurie says:

    Maybe you could use this time to do something for yourself. The boys may not even know you are missing! Just make sure they have plenty of snacks. As busy as you are, you deserve to take a break!

  4. thypolarlife says:

    I am a lover of all things baseball. Thank god my husband is also.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • jenkline75 says:

      Oh boy, I don’t know what I would do if I had to deal with an obsession of two sports. It’s great that the two of you can enjoy it together though. Shared hobbies keep a marriage happy (well, most of the time anyway!) 🙂

  5. You made the right choice cuz the game goes on with our without us! 🙂

  6. Nicole says:

    I can totally relate!! 🙂 I’ve learned to have fun watching football with the hubby, and we actually enjoy the time together. Although I’m still learning the game, so I might be a tad bit annoying with all the questions. 😉

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