The Pool, My Kids, A Bee and My Ralph Lauren Sunglass


Image by Tripp Fenderson via Flickr

     If you are a mom you know that, with children, the mood of the moment can take a change for the worse without any warning at all.  Things can be going wonderfully, everyone laughing and having fun and then “Boom!”, “Pow!”, “Ka-Blam!” everything goes to pot.

     I had a moment (or an hour) like that yesterday.  There we were, the kids and I, enjoying a relaxing and fun-filled afternoon by the pool.  I was chatting with my mom friends, the boys were playing with their buddies and the little princess was holding court with her many big-girl admirers who love to help and pamper her.  All was well.

     I guess I should preface this by saying that my little one is still suffering from a bit of a cold and did not get a nap yesterday.  Which means the events did not occur completely without warning but they definitely seemed to snowball a little.

     So, there we were, enjoying one of the last carefree days of our summer and, before I knew it, the little one started to melt.  (Melting is a term I use to describe the slow process of mood deterioration that ends with a child in a sloppy, puddley mess at my feet.)  She began by demanding to sit in my lap but then decided that it would be better for me to just get up so that she could sit in my chair.  She wanted juice but then threw it on the ground.  She was frustrated with every attempt I made to entertain and appease her.  Then she began to grab at and pull on my relatively new, Ralph Lauren sunglasses.

     I pride myself on being frugal, a bargain shopper, the finder of deals.  I have never spent more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses before and that was for my “expensive” pair.  So, the fact that I even own a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses is amazing in itself.  This was a decision I made completely on a whim while on a girls weekend a few months back.  This was also a decision that was met with shock and awe by my husband who thought I was nuts.  Hadn’t I thought about the fact that they were sure to meet their demise at the hands of the little people?  Of course I had thought about that, but I had owned my $20 sunglasses for two years and they had survived. 

     The Ralph Lauren sunglasses were fantastic!  They were UVA & UVB protected, they were polarized and the world just seemed a better place when I looked through these glasses.  I was thrilled with my purchase and thought I deserved them!

     So, when the little one began pulling on them, I decided that there was no way I was going to prove my husband right.  So I removed them and gently placed them in the grass, as close to my chair as possible, until she calmed down.

     As this was happening, my sweet, loveable middle child spoted a bee.  He recently developed a fear of the little buggers after having been stung twice in a three-day period.  He immediately started to scream, run in circles, and flail his arms to swat the bee.  With the screaming toddler in my lap, I tried to calm him and explain that, if he were to get in the water, the bee would not follow.  He told me that he didn’t want to get in the water because he had to pee.  Me, being the wise and insightful mother that I am, suggested that he should then go use the bathroom.  That idea apparently wasn’t a good one because he had spotted another bee between him and the path to the potty.

     So, there I sat, with a snotty, screaming toddler in my lap and a frantic, flailing 6-year-old crying and running circles around me in an attempt to avoid the possible attack of the bee.  I felt like I was beginning to lose my sanity and decided that it was time to go.

     I promptly packed the two unruly and unreasonable children in the car, made arrangements for someone to bring my oldest home later and then began to pack up our belongings.  I said my goodbye’s, put my sunglasses on and headed for the car.

     AHHHHHH!!!  What was that?!!?  I wasn’t seeing as well through my glasses.  Apparently, during the turmoil of the bee attack, my glasses were knocked out of the grass and stomped on a few times for good measure.  UGH!  They weren’t completely broken but did get pretty scratched up.   I will still wear them and will investigate the warranty that came along with my purchase but I was more than slightly irritated.  I’m not sure what upset me more…the destruction of my sunglasses or facing my husband and hearing the dreaded “I told you so”.

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3 Responses to The Pool, My Kids, A Bee and My Ralph Lauren Sunglass

  1. Tracy says:

    As one of the “mom friends” I was a witness to this event. I really tried to help but it was to no avail. Leaving was Jen’s best option. I’m just hoping she went home and went straight for her Parrot Bay!

  2. Drea says:

    Oh no, don’t you just hate the, ‘I told you so’, but then they have to because when they are right, it’s a rare occasion. My condolences.

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