My Quest Got Me Pressed

Yesterday began like any other day.  I got up, got dressed, brushed my teeth and then took a deep breath before venturing out into the abyss of children who were already moving about.  Brother #1 was arguing with Brother #2 over who was going to be awarded the opportunity to make breakfast for their 19 month old baby sister.  I can’t get them to put away their toys or to flush the toilet but she has them fighting over who is going to prepare a meal for her.   I’ve got to talk to her about her secret.

As the morning progressed, son #1 came to me with his exciting news…he had lost yet another tooth.  Little did I know that that this would be the beginning of one of the most exciting days I have experienced in a long time.

I called my husband to be sure that we had the coveted golden dollar that would be placed under our son’s pillow that evening.  He confirmed that we did and then the discussion began over whether we should continue the charade or if it was time to break the news.  As I sat and pondered the possible outcomes I thought – hmm, maybe I will blog about it.  

The next thing I knew…I had been Freshly Pressed

I couldn’t believe it.  I had written about The Tooth Fairy and before I knew it, I was visited by The WordPress Fairy.  It was so exciting to watch the number of visitors to my blog climb throughout the day and I loved reading all of the comments people left behind.

The best part of the day for me was the validation that…they like me, they really like me!  These days the majority of my proud moments come from bragging about the wonderful accomplishments of my husband and children.  It was very nice to have a proud moment to call my very own.

So thank you to WordPress and to the 3,000+ visitors from around the world that took the time out of their busy schedules to read and comment on my blog.   You made my day!

I guess it was just another step in the direction of my Quest 2B Me!

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10 Responses to My Quest Got Me Pressed

  1. Eric Kline says:

    Let’s hope your 15min of fame repeats!

  2. traceygjones says:

    i love that a total “honest mommy moment” was validated — here’s to staying open and authentic!!!

  3. Mindless Rambler says:

    It was no more than you deserved as it was a great and honest post! xx

  4. Great job! Enjoy – it is well deserved! =)

  5. Shelley says:

    Congratulations! The same thing happened to me the other week when I got Freshly Pressed. Being in Australia, I posted a story on co-sleeping at midnight our time, so by the time I got up the next day it had been viewed over 5,000 times and I couldn’t understand how it all happened while I was peacefully sleeping. Well done!! 🙂

  6. Susan Okaty says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

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